Terms & Conditions

Private Lessons
Students who do not attend or provide less than 24hrs notice will be charged the lesson fee. Outstanding cancellation/non-attendance fees must be paid before a further lesson is undertaken.

Term Bookings
Lessons are offered at a very reasonable price due to the term booking structure. When you make a term booking your payment secures a place for your child on a certain day at a certain time. Please provide seven (7) days’ notice if you cannot attend your scheduled term booking lesson and you will be credited the cost of a maximum of two lessons for students who have a weekly term booking and a maximum of one for students who have a fortnightly term booking. This credit will be applied to the following term. Any other cancellation/non-attendance will result in forfeit of lesson fee. It is appreciated that you let All Things Brumby know if your child will not be attending a lesson. We will endeavor to supply a make up lesson as a replacement, when seven (7) days notice is provided, however this may not be possible due to the number of places available and the considerations of a group lesson. Additionally if your child is enrolled in a group lesson then any make up lesson would need to be in another group lesson, not as a private lesson.

Lessons will run in all weather conditions. In the event it is deemed unsafe or unsuitable to bring horses out we will run a theory lesson in the under cover area or tack shed.

From 11.30am – 4pm on days over 30 degrees all activities will be undercover, in shaded or air conditioned areas.

Casual Students
Once you commit to attend the lesson you will be responsible for payment of the lesson fee whether or not you attend. Outstanding cancellation/non-attendance fees must be paid before a further lesson is undertaken

School Holiday Program
If your child is unable to attend you will only receive a refund of fees paid if another student takes your child’s place.

New Students
Will have the opportunity to attend up to two come and try lessons which are pay on the day. After this these students will need to pay for the remainder of the term or go on the cancellation list.