Cancellation & Weather Policy


More than 24 hours notice given: no cancellation fee.

Within 24 hours & same day: 50% – 100% of lesson fee.

NEW STUDENTS – ATB will reschedule if, due to the weather, we cannot bring a horse out for the first lesson.


ATB has four sand arenas, grass play paddock, large undercover and tie up area and two training rooms.

ATB runs both mounted and unmounted lessons.

Mounted: Students work on ridden elements within walk, trot, canter.

Unmounted: Groundwork at walk, trot, stop and back up, ground agility exercises, hoof painting, hair chalking, parts of the horse and gear knowledge, cleaning saddles and bridles, breed knowledge, discipline knowledge and general horse care.

Unless you hear from ATB, at least 1hr prior to your lesson time, all lessons will be going ahead.

Thunderstorms – there will be NO riding in a thunderstorm.

Heat policy – there will be NO riding in temperatures above 34 degrees.


On CODE RED or EXTREME bushfire warning days All Things Brumby will be closed.


Permission must be gained from an All Things Brumby staff member to take photos or videos.


Students must ride in long pants, closed toe shoes and a helmet (meeting Australian safety standards).