We are offering comprehensive lessons, including riding, for children and adults.  There is no minimum age for private lessons. The minimum age for group lessons is 6 years. The experience you, or your child, will receive at ATB will set you up for a rewarding life with horses.  We have a strong focus on safety and begin by teaching essential ground skills. These ground skills form the foundation of communication in the saddle. We will teach you how to develop a trusting relationship with your horse, to have a willing partner on the ground and in the saddle. We will teach you how to ride safely without a bit, whips or spurs. We are developing calm, knowledgeable students and calm, relaxed horses.

Students are welcome to bring their own horses, or can use one of ours.

We have a variety of lesson horses and ponies. It is important for us to match each student with the most suitable horse for them, taking into account age, height, experience, confidence etc.

We offer an amazing experience for those students who don’t own their own horse.