Horse Training

Many trainers use intimidation, fear or coercion to get the result they want from a horse.

My conscience doesn’t allow me to do this, nor do I want to. I have been in a yard with a wild brumby and have seen the look of fear in his/her eyes. I have also been the reason this look was replaced with a softness that comes with trust and confidence. That change can bring me to tears.

I have also witnessed many fear based behavours from ‘trauma’ horses and have seen them abused by humans for these behaviours.

It is our job to try to understand our horses, to understand why they do what they do. There is nothing personal in their actions. There is a reason behind all of their actions. It is up to us, as handlers, to understand why they did what they did, be it positive or negative, and work out how we can either continue that behaviour or change it.

We train with conscience. We gain the horses confidence, and with that they will follow us anywhere.

On the ground we teach the horses to respond to softness.

In the saddle we teach the horses to respond to softness.

We desensitize the horses to all manner of ‘scary’ objects, and we teach you how to do this also.

We take horses for assessment, saddle starting and general training. Please contact Andi for more information.