We are a natural horsemanship school and we offer a different horse experience to most other riding schools. We offer a holistic approach and specialize in providing children, adults and families the skills and knowledge to own their own horse.

If this is not a possibility for families we offer an experience that is as close to owning your own horse as possible.  We specialize in teaching students about feel, how to communicate with horses using body language and understanding horse behaviour and psychology.  ATB have a variety of horses to suit all personalities and skill levels.

We also specialise in rehabilitating horses that are traumatised by past events.  We have extensive experience with unhandled horses; handling, training and starting under saddle.  We also have children handling and riding ponies for children.

Our horses are barefoot, we ride bitless and most of our saddles are treeless.

If you are looking for a school that is as good for horses as students then we would love to hear from you!  If you have your own horse please talk to us as we have students who are bringing their own horses and participating in private/group lessons.

We offer a Term Program and School Holiday Program.

Agisting at ATB

ATB offers agistment for the horses of current students, so if you are considering buying your own horse please talk to us. We can help find the right horse and we can provide ongoing mentoring so you have help and assistance along the way.

We have a range of facilities available to our agisters including full-size dressage arena, smaller training yards, play paddock filled with fun obstacles, under cover tie up area, float parking area.  We are also able to trim your horses hooves, provide bodywork and advise on diet and training.

Learning to ride at ATB

We have a range of lesson types available for riders of all ages and abilities. We specialise in teaching natural horsemanship, horse behaviour and psychology, facilitating a relationship between horse and student, developing student confidence and understanding and developing student balance and understanding under saddle.

We specialise in bareback riding! Balance is the foundation of all riding.

What we offer is a lot more that just a riding opportunity. We are shaping young people and giving them strategies to deal with other challenges in their lives and giving them the confidence to go after their dreams.

Senior Instructor: Mrs Andi Tyndall 0408 735 496
Trimmer and bodyworker
Over 20 years coaching experience in various sports and with students with physical and intellectual disabilities
Holds a WWCC and is fully insured
Available for holistic horse advice