About ATB

All Things Brumby Pty Ltd has been established by an Australian couple with the original aim to promote the brumby horse in Australia.

We have taken brumbies that have been passively trapped in Kosciuszko National Park, in 2012 and 2014, and transported them to our beautiful property near Ballarat where they were given the chance to settle and adjust to their new surroundings. We then started to handle and gentle them and commenced their basic training. Once their basic training was complete they were offered for sale.

It has been while working with these amazingly responsive horses that we developed our Horse Training with Conscience philosophy. This philosophy is about building a relationship of trust with each horse we work with. Force and fear are not acceptable to us, we ask and if the trust is there we are rewarded with the appropriate response.
The success of our Training with Conscience philosophy working with the wild brumbies prompted us to adopt the same approach with some complex domestic horses with the same amazing results.

I soon learnt that my personality is not well suited to rehoming brumbies, or any animals really, as I develop a strong attachment and don’t want them to leave. It was through this understanding that our Horsemanship Programs were born.

What we offer is very different to other riding schools in the area.  We offer much more than a classical riding lesson on a school master that knows what to do before the student has even asked.

Many of our brumbies are used regularly by children attending our lessons and in fact are a big favourite due to their inherently calm and open minded nature.

Brumbies that are passively trapped and removed from the wild can be trained into amazing riding horses. They make a strong bond with their owner and adapt to any discipline.