Horses at All Things Brumby

“Horse Training with Conscience”

We currently have 19 horses residing with us, some of these are our personal horses, some here on agistment and we also have some for sale.

If you are interested in any of our horses please make an enquiry. It is important to us when rehoming that we match the right horse to the right home.

It is also important to us that our horses have a purpose, whether it be babysitting another horse, riding horse or being used as a trusting partner in our horsemanship classes.

We take pride in how well handled our horses are, and many of them are used by students in the horsemanship classes. We are also in the process of putting a few under saddle and the students are helping with this.

When we sell our horses we will take a non-refundable deposit to secure that horse for you and then the final payment is required prior to you taking possession of the horse. Some of our horses are ready to go to their new homes now and some will require further training.

All male brumbies will be gelded prior to leaving.

Horses will only leave All Things Brumby once their training is completed as we want to ensure our horses have the best possible future in their new home.