All Things Brumby offers:

  • Private lessons
  • Shared lessons
  • Group lessons
  • NDIS funded lessons
  • Show Jumping clinics
  • Dressage clinics
  • Games clinics
  • Showing clinics
  • Agility clinics
  • General Clinics
  • Liberty and Bareback Clinics
  • X Country Clinics

We offer comprehensive horsemanship classes for children and adults. Our lesson philosophy is for you to enjoy each experience and interaction with your horse, gain confidence and to develop an understanding of horse behaviour and psychology. The experience you, or your child, will receive at All Things Brumby will set you up for a rewarding life with horses. We have a strong focus on safety and begin by teaching essential ground skills. These ground skills form the foundation of communication in the saddle. We will teach you how to develop a trusting relationship with your horse, to have a willing partner on the ground and in the saddle. We will teach you how to ride safely and confidently and we are developing calm, knowledgeable students and calm, relaxed horses. ATB staff are skilled at teaching ridden skills at walk, trot and canter.

Students are welcome to bring their own horse or can use one of ours.

During our lessons you will learn how to approach your horse, catch, halter, lead, tie, groom, clean out hooves, saddle, bridle and then you make your way, with your instructor, to one of our enclosed arenas. Your lesson will be catered to suit your experience & confidence.  We have a variety of different sized arenas, specially designed to help you or your child achieve riding excellence.