“Not being interested in horses myself, I was at a loss when my 12 year old daughter developed an obsession with them! She lives, breathes, sleeps and dreams horses!
Luckily for us we found Andi and All Things Brumby.
Andi is extremely professional, approachable, enthusiastic and knows a thing or two about Brumbys.
Chloe has never felt any pressure to “perform” whilst in Andi’s care and feels like she’s part of an extended family when at All Things Brumby. She has so much fun that I’m sure she would rather stay than come home!
Andi’s approach is to develop a special bond not only between the horses and the children but between the children and herself.  The children and horses are guided in a gentle manner to achieve the desired outcome.
All Things Brumby is a unique experience and one I definitely recommend to those looking to learn about and be around  Brumby horses in a safe and friendly environment.”
                Lisa Wilkins…….mother of the horse crazy Chloe!